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DMV Driver License Review PRO

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Announcement:In light and celebration of our recent release of DMV Driver License Test Reviewer - Pro for iOS, We are making the app, PRO Version, for both Android and iOS FREE! Offer expires January 30th, 2016.
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Suitable for all 50 states!
NO ads included!
**Plus Version:** + No Advertisements + More Than 700 Questions in English and Spanish Combined
Applying for a drivers license in the United States? Driver Ed - US is perfect for you! DriverEd - US can help you pass your written/knowledge exam wherever you are! Just download the app and download your state's official manual. No other external app needed.
Perfect for people for first time getting license for permit license, commercial license and motorcycle license. Everything included in one app with practice test included!
Try out the Practice Test! So, you would know what to expect on taking the drivers license knowledge exam in the DMV.
You don't need to take those expensive online driving school and Driving Knowledge classroom classes. Everything you need to know is with DriverEd - US app! Best of all it is Free!
This is drivers ed in your hands, anytime, anywhere!
You don't have to worry of those expensive Driver Education fees to learn how to drive and learn the rules of the road!
DrivedEd - US is FREE! Just download the app and download your state's manual where you are trying to get your license. After that, you're all set in studying your knowledge test and learning the rules of the road for your license test anywhere you are!
If you want to review the manuals on your computer, You can download the manuals through you state's corresponding department of motor vehicle's website.
Features:+ It's free, fast and easy, in the palm of your hands!+ Free Official DMV publication manuals+ Commercial License DMV Manual Available+ Motorcycle License DMV Manual Available+ Spanish Versions available for some states+ Download once then you can review it as many times as you want+ Learn the rules of the anywhere you are with DriverEd - US app!+ Experience the Driver License Knowledge exam with the included Practice Test!+ With almost 500 questions and more to come!+ DriveEd - US app is a one-stop shop. No External Apps needed!

****DMV or Department of Motor Vehicle is also known for other names depending on what state you are. For some states DMV is known as BMV or Bureau of Motor Vehicles for Ohio, Indiana and Maine, DPS or Department of Public Safety for Texas, DDS or Department of Driver Services for Georgia, DOL or Department of Licensing for Washington, DOT or Department of Transportation for Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota, DVS or Driver and Vehicle Services for Minnesota, Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for Florida, RMV or Registry of Motor Vehicles for Massachusetts, MVD or Motor Vehicle Division for Arizona, MVDL or Motor Vehicles Drivers Licensing Bureau for Missouri, OMV or Office of Motor Vehicles for Lousiana, and MVC or Motor Vehicle Commission for New Jersey.
Disclaimer: Super Awesome is not related in anyway with DMV or other names for some states. Super Awesome just bridge the people that is being offered by the DMV for free in a super awesome way!
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